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Style by Wendy     circa 2012

Education:  Cottey College, WSU, Middlebury College

Experience:  Nordstrom, Alliant, Hoveround, Xerox

Background:  Wendy is married and has a daughter and identical twin sons. She lives in Seattle, loves to spend time with her extended, very large family and enjoys her book club, going to McCall, ID, Sri Lanka and Kauai.  Her biggest weaknesses include (but are not limited to) lipgloss, Smarties and 'fun size' Butterfingers.

After attending an all-women’s college, Cottey College, studying at Washington State University for her general biology degree, and attending Middlebury college to study French, Wendy landed in Seattle and has been there over a decade.  She worked for corporate giants such as Xerox, Alliant and Nordstrom, but after corporate burn-out, Wendy struck out on her own. She started her wardrobe styling business, Style By Wendy, in 2012, and now, clients not only come to her for help cleaning out their closets, creating outfits, and up-leveling how they show up, but they also seek her out for setting and manifesting goals in other areas of their lives too.  Coined the Apparel Therapist, this personal shopper uses the closet as a metaphor for cleaning out areas of your life that no longer serve you.  If your clothes are not becoming of you, then you should be coming to Style By Wendy.

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