Megan wants a raise

Once upon a time, there was a woman names Megan. 

Everyday, she went to work, doing her job well. 

One day, she thought, "What is one way I can excel or distinguish myself from my coworkers in order to get a promotion?"

Because of that, she hired the Style By Wendy Team for a package of 3 personal shopping trips over the course of the next year with the intention of getting a raise at work.

Because of that, her wardrobe made some very basic, but distinct changes, which positively affected her self-esteem, which affected how others saw her, which carried over to her performance at work.

Until finally, she got the raise within her company and is up for another promotion since this writing has come out.

This is a true story.

mary wants to lose weight

Once upon a time there was a woman named Mary who was always trying to lose those 30 pounds, dieting often.

Everyday she looked in the mirror and thought, "I feel fat and nothing fits right."

One day, she realized she was waiting to lose weight, and waiting to lose weight, and waiting to lose weight before she would shop for herself; it had been years but she was actually gaining more weight.

Because of that, she realized she needed a mental re-set.

Because of that, she hired Style By Wendy to help her start dressing her body for the size and shape it was, right now. Today.

Until finally, a few months later, she had lost so much weight that her new clothes didn't fit anymore.  Mary lost 27 pounds! She exclaims, "buying those clothes was the best money I ever spent."  

This is a true story.

Jody wants to speak

Once upon a time there was a small business owner, a physician named Jody who focused on diabetes.

Everyday, she would talk to patients about being healthy as well as how to manage their diabetes. Her dream was to speak on this topic.

One day, she hired Style By Wendy to help up-level her wardrobe as a physician and woman business owner.

Because of that, Style By Wendy and Jody went shopping.

Because of that, Jody set the intention of wearing a dress on stage for speaking gigs she didn't even have lined up yet.

Until finally, she gave an amazing TED Talk speaking about diabetes wearing the exact dress she purchased two years earlier.

This is a true story.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Nina who was in the process of starting her own business.

Everyday, she worked from home while her kids were at school, and her husband was at work, so Nina's closet was full of yoga pants and tee-shirts.

One day, she realized she wasn't as effective or as efficient as she could be because she wore these things around the house all day.

Because of that, Style By Wendy and Nina took a look at her heart's desire...what new thing did Nina want in her life? Nina put that intention into writing and together, they started cleaning out her closet - an exercise in creating space for something new in Nina's closet and her life. 

Because of that, Style By Wendy mailed the intention to Nina 3-months after the closet clean out.

Until finally, upon receiving the letter in the mail, Nina called Wendy in tears because her heart's desire came true.

This is a true story.

Nina starts a business



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