I'm embarrassed to have you in my closet...

Nothing fazes us.  We have seen it all - all the dust bunnies, all the sex toys and paraphernalia that you forgot you had.  Closet space is an area where we tend to 'stuff-n-hide' things.  Whether we are having guests over and need a place to stash everything, or we don't want our kids to find their Christmas present, the closet is the landing strip.

how much do you charge?

How much do you charge per hour?  That's what people always want to know.  We charge by the package, not by the hour.  This value on service ensures a complete, thorough job is done.  A wide range of our service prices are $599 - $2649, with our clients usually spending somewhere in the middle.  No surprises, always quality of project, not quantity of time.        

if we shop together, how much should I plan to spend?

Everyone has a budget and we will stick to yours.  I would say, in general, our clients spend roughly $1500 per shopping trip, sometimes less, sometimes more.  

what if we shop together, and we don't find anything i like?

We strive to provide the BEST experience possible.  If the shopping trip, (or any service) is an epic fail, then we will reschedule at no charge.  We want our clients to be happy - our business depends on it!  Open communication, transparency and truth-telling are key to any of our services - and we hold our clients to the same standard.  So just let us know if you are unhappy with ANYTHING.

Mother & Daughter

Boy did you get us on a roll!  I have spent the evening cleaning out every drawer and tops of closets in the bedroom and it is FANTASTIC!

I feel so clean.  And honestly, 20 lbs lighter just doing that!  I filled another garbage bag, as I helped my husband go through his drawers etc. 

What a great great day.  

Thank you SO much!  We are going to have so much fun doing this together.

And thank you for your emotional support today.  This IS a journey, and I am oh so ready!

Loving it.


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Seattle & Greater Seattle Area

We will travel to clients one plane away!

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