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Personal Shopping

Our intention for the Personal Shopping Session is: TRANSFORMATION.

Do you find yourself buying the same thing over and over?  Or maybe you hate to shop?  Do you feel frumpy?   


Remove the stress from shopping.  You show up to a room full of beautiful outfits.  We call it a try-on party.  


With our guidance, your only job is to try on outfits and make some buying decisions!   

"Personal shopping x3" - one of our packages - includes three shopping trips in a year. We recommend this package because the best way to build a working wardrobe is over time and guided by a budget. Also, as seasons change, so do colors, fabrics, textures etc.  Let's build a wardrobe that will carry you through the whole year in style.  $2600 for package of 3. 


What Clients Say:

"I've gotten so many compliments on my summer wardrobe. People who know me wonder what leaf I've turned over.  Ha! Many are astonished that my "buyer" is able to find nice things that still seem like me.  I mean, I still don't really like shopping. It's not even the clothes or anything.  I don't mind dressing up.  Sometimes the sizing issue is annoying.  But I love our sessions! All I have to do is show up and decide what I like better.  I think there are too many choices out there and I get confused.  So thank you for helping me pare it down."

​-Seattle, WA


"I have been using your advice everywhere I go shopping for new clothes!  It was so awesome having your wardrobe advice.” 

–Kent, WA

“I feel like you really helped me break through some fashion “rules” or “shackles” about what larger women should not wear- and have helped me on my journey for self acceptance.  Thank you!!!  Because you are so petite- I had concerns that you might find working with a larger lady too challenging.  Obviously you are awesome at working with everyone :-). ”  

-Seattle, WA

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