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Styling Session

Our intention for the Styling Session is: CREATION & FINDING GOLD.

Let's find gold in your closet.  

Create outfits with the clothes you already have in ways you have never imagined!  You'll feel like you have a new wardrobe without going shopping. If we have shopped first, we will weave in all of the new things with your old clothes in ways you have never thought to do!

We won’t know until we start creating outfits what is needed to complete the look. As we are styling you, we'll create a list of accessories or clothing items that will help you uplevel each look.  

A Look-Book is provided. Pictures are taken of the outfits we create, so you remember what goes with what.  A minimum of 30 outfits will be created, one outfit every day for a month so you won't have to think about what to wear (see video on Home page for a visual!)


What Clients Say:

"I wore my long beige/black dress today and paired it with the black blouse you had suggested... felt so confident and energized! Yay! I'm loving this already."

​-Seattle, WA

"Holy Cow!  Wearing the outfits you chose for me, it was better than an anti-depressant pill.  I felt realllly good."

-Seattle, WA

"I have had so many compliments this week on my outfits, it is a confidence builder.  I really can’t thank you enough."

​-Bonney Lake, WA

“Thanks so much for the look book. I love it!! I was starting to forget all the great ways we paired clothing.  Do you know that, the day you styled me, I got a very friendly cat call from a gentleman downtown.  He said something like I was rockin a lot of Va-voom, runway style and I was so happy. (Funny what a few years will do.  I would have probably told him to f -off in my twenties. Ha)  You do great work!”  -Seattle, WA

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